SCFE Hip Pinning

Scoring and evaluating surgical precision


Premise: Two critical skills that surgeons need to practice are hand-eye coordination and 3D spatialization. In the case of a SCFE (slipped capital femoral epiphysis), the surgeon needs to be able to visualize an ideal placement of a screw drilled into the head of a femur to prevent a growth plate fracture from slipping any further than it already has.

Approach: We built a training simulation that allows surgeons to use fluroscopic imaging and a virtual guidewire to drill into the femoral head, then get immediate feedback on placement precision with guidance on how to adjust their position to be more accurate. Much of the work that was done is under NDA, but I'm able to share an in-headset screenshot of the scoring feedback provided after a pin placement.

Results: Our training module debuted at the 2018 AAOS conference (receiving some awesome live user testing from many surgeons), then was subsequently rolled out onto the OSSO VR platform used in dozens of pediatric orthopedic programs around the world.

Timeline: 2018
Role: Design Lead

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