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After a company re-brand in partnership with Deutsch, it was time to use our new design system to refresh the Find a Lawyer directory.

Avvo's database of over 1 million attorneys is the company's flagship product and main source of both traffic & revenue, so this redesign project felt a lot like swapping the engines out of a plane mid-flight.

By focusing on improving the overall experience (and SEO) and rolling out the new design through A/B testing, we saw a 35% increase in mobile users contacting lawyers through the directory.

Timeline: 2016
Role: UX Design

Before & after: Landing page

FireShot Capture 006 – Find a Lawyer by Name or Practice Area on –
FireShot Capture 007 – Find a lawyer by name or practice area – –

Before & after: Search engine results page (SERP)

FireShot Capture 009 – Find the Best Civil Rights Lawyer in Houston, TX – –
FireShot Capture 008 – Find the best Civil Rights lawyers in Houston, TX – Avvo.com_ –

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